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Bug#645333: qthid-fcd-controller -- simple controller for the Funcube Dongle SDR


I have created a Debian package.

Since many Funcube Dongles are out in the world with a
manufactured firmware version below 18f, I went ahead
and include a qthid-2.2 binary to handle firmware upgrades.

Using the new feature of Debian source packages with multiple
tarballs I build both qthid-2.2 and the current qthid version 3.1.

The difference between my ability to build on Debian squeeze version
and the inabiltiy to build on wheezy/sid is due to the default
qt4 platform scope value changing from linux-g++ to linux-g++-64
on 64 bit systems.

After figuring this out I see that upstream already handles
the problem:

December 29, 2011 Fix build issues on 64 bit linux.

So, I am not submitting the debian/patches/handle-linux-g++-64 patch upstream.


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