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Bug#654689: ITP: osutil -- Operating system utilities JNI package

Hi Timo,

> * Package name    : osutil
>   Description     : Operating system utilities JNI package
> The Operating System Utilities Java Native Interface (JNI) package
> supplies various native operating system operations to Java programs.

Please say in the package description what the functionality
provided by the package is.

Signal.java has one architecture's signal numbers hardcoded in.

The Java files have hardcoded library paths in, and will break
with multiarch.

It's full of error messages printed to stdout / stderr.

Some of the functionality (such as String to byte conversion)
seems to duplicate functionality already in Java; maybe they
weren't in Java back in 1997.

Generally, the code looks rather buggy.

> * License         : GPL-2+

If the copyright statements are correct, this is GPL-2, not

But while the copyright statements say "(C) 2007 Red Hat, Inc.", the package
name and JNI function names have "com.netscape" in them.
Except the one in src/com/netscape/osutil/unixdefs.h :

/* ====================================================== 
* Copyright (c) 1997 Netscape Communications Corporation 
* This file contains proprietary information of Netscape Communications. 
* Copying or reproduction without prior written approval is prohibited. 
* ====================================================== */ 

If it's pre-Mozilla-Foundation code, there might be a better implementation
from Mozilla.  Either way, it seems to have licensing issues.


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