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Bug#654650: RFA: ygraph

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


It's been quite a while that I've last made use of this small but handy tool,
and would therefore like to hand it over to a new maintainer:

  ygraph -- plot and animate data sets

  The ygraph tool graphs one-dimensional data or displays a time-series of
  one-dimensional data sets. It is an enhanced alternative to the xgraph utility
  and supports the same input format as xgraph. Additionally, ygraph features:

   * animating multiple plots simultaneously and synchronously;
   * stepping back and forth through animations one frame at a time;
   * zooming, similar to xgraph but without opening a lot of new windows;
   * plotting derivatives;
   * subtracting plots;
   * convergence tests;
   * reading compressed files;
   * exporting images and animations.



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