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Bug#590180: Sigile Debian package

Hi there.

On Jun 10 2011, Kan-Ru Chen wrote:
> "Benj. Mako Hill" <mako@atdot.cc> writes:
> > Thanks everyone for your work so far to get Sigil into Debian.  I've
> > noticed that it's been a few months since this bug was updated.
> >
> > I'm willing to put in an evening of work or two to help package
> > dependencies or do other work to get this package uploaded. Do you
> > have a repository where you are working? What, in particular, needs to
> > be changed?
> Thank you for bring this up again! I feel so bad that I cannot complete
> this package quickly.

Could we have some of you uploading at least a draft of your packaging to
Debian (say, experimental)?

I would like to actually use it and would even be willing to lend a hand on
the packaging, if that's desired.

> It seems I had created a collab-maint repository[1] but haven't pushed
> anything yet, because of some non-free part that I don't want to put on
> alioth.

Could you clarify which parts are non-free? I guess that the upstream people
would like to know.

> My local repository was purged accidentally in my last disk cleanup,
> fortunately emacs backup and notes was kept so I can rebuild the
> repository and publish it this weekend.

It would be nice to have whatever you have pushed to the git repository, so
that others can pick up from where you left (and we avoid this "personal
lock contention").

> Sigil uses so many convenience copy of libraries (three zip libraries!)
> so in order to package Sigil one have to package the dependencies first.

The convenience copies of libraries are sure something bad for the main
archive, but for pushing to a git repository so that people can experiment
with it and commit some changes, making some improvements, until it is in
shape for inclusion in the main archive.


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