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Bug#578192: RFP: PeerGuardian Linux (pgl) -- IP blocking software

    Package name: pgl
         Version: 2.1.3
 Upstream Author: PeerGuardian devel mailing list
             URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/peerguardian/
         License: GPL-3
Programming Lang: C++, C, POSIX shell
     Description: privacy oriented firewall application

PeerGuardian Linux (pgl) is a privacy oriented firewall application. It
blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge blocklists
(thousands or millions of IP ranges).
pgl is based on the Linux kernel netfilter framework and iptables.


I'm a co-author of PeerGuardian Linux (pgl). pgl is the official
successor of moblock, blockcontrol and mobloquer, all previous authors
agreed on that. So I updated this bug report.
I've already packaged pgl upstream. It's nearly lintian clean. A
repository is at moblock-deb.sourceforge.net.


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