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Bug#641624: Older Attempt

There was an older (archived now) attempt to package this library: Bug

In this ld ITP, the library got the name "libwcs". However, there is a
competing library available called "libwcs", which is part of the
WCSTOOLS package <http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/software/wcstools/>.

I would however call the library package "libwcs<soname>" as this is
what lintian recommends, and both upstream packages would install a
libwcs.so, so they would conflict on the same system anyway. And
wcstools may use the wcslib (as packaged here), so there is still a
possibility to package WCSTOOLS in a way that does not conflict with wcslib.

To summarize, I would use the following naming scheme:

- wcslib as source package
- libwcs<soname> as library package
- libwcs<soname>-dev as header/static library package
- wcslib-tools for the binary tools provided by the package

See also
<http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/astropy/2011-March/001179.html> for a
discussion of the relation between the two packages.

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