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Bug#640469: RFS: bftpd - Very configurable small FTP server

> Could you please help to clarify why we need yet another FTP daemon in Debian?
> Many thanks,
> Michael

I  think is good to have options on Debian an also I asked upstream
and they answered this:

Bftpd has several characteristics which make it ideal for home use and
for small projects. Namely the Bftpd server is quite small and will run
in all sorts of environments, including mobile devices, routers and old
servers. Bftpd is known to run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and has been
run on MINIX.

Second, Bftpd is very easy to set up. Most end-users will not need to
perform any configuration at all after installing Bftpd. It's an
"install and done" program. It also strives to be secure by default. The
config file we ship with the daemon blocks root access and disables
features which could easily be used to DoS FTP servers.

The Bftpd server is quite flexible and works in environments where other
servers may not. For instance the GeexBox project runs Bftpd in a
read-only environment.

The Bftpd project has clean code and is often used in academic circles
to benchmark and test security software and code analyzers. People,
especially CS students, frequently use Bftpd.


Wences Arana
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