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Bug#640721: ITP: xf86-video-omap -- X.Org X server -- OMAP display driver

Sebastian Reichel <sre@debian.org> (07/09/2011):
> I would be glad if you can give the package (available from [0]) a
> quick review before I upload it to experimental. You can change
> Architecture to any if you want to build it on a x86 system for
> testing purposes (OMAP chips are ARM based, but the code can be
> compiled on other platforms, too).

You may want to expand the “need opendrm” bits. Mentioning the relevant
package might help users to get stuff they need. I guess you'll mention
that once you have a DKMS-enabled module?

You should specify a versioned build-dep on xserver-xorg-dev (>= 2:1.9.4)
to use the xsf sequence. That would work without it on wheezy or sid, but
would fail on squeeze.

You probably want “mkdir -p m4”. If one interrupts the build, and starts
it again, running “mkdir m4” again will fail.

Looks good otherwise.


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