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Bug#591817: Rubinius for Debian

# changing owner to register the fact that Antonio has a working package
owner 591817 Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

On 05/09/11 at 22:45 -0700, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Hello all,
> Today I took some time to hack on a Debian package for Rubinius
> (http://rubini.us/). I was able to reach a state in which it is works,
> but there is still *a lot* of stuff to do before having an
> archive-quality package. For example our existing pure-Ruby packages
> will not be available for the Rubinius interpreter because its
> $LOAD_PATH is very different from the $LOAD_PATH in MRI 1.8 and 1.9.


Thanks a lot for working on this (even if I agree: transitioning is the
priority :P)

I think it makes sense to work closely with upstream on this package, to
get it in an appropriate shape without carrying too many patches on our
side. Have you contacted them?


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