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Bug#640532: RFH: gnat-gps -- Build gnatcoll from the sources of GPS

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

AdaCore have a new library called gnatcoll, containing lots of useful
bits and pieces.  The sources for this library are in a subdirectory of
the GPS sources (package gnat-gps).  I intend to build new binary
packages for gnatcoll from these sources but I would like someone to
help, if possible.

This task can be divided into:

- analyze the upstream changelog to determine which version of GPS would
  best work with gnat-4.6.  Take into account that gnat-gps must build
  against and run with libgnatvsn4.6 and libgnatprj4.6.

- analyze the sources of gnatcoll to see what other packages they
  build-depend on.  Decide on how to split these sources into several
  packages so as to minimize dependencies.  For example, split the
  database interfaces into packages that build-depend on gnade.

- decide whether to use (and build-depend on) gprbuild, or to stick with

- make the changes necessary in the packaging, which is maintained at

Ludovic Brenta.

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