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Bug#575502: ITP: certificatepatrol

On Sun, 2011-09-04 at 19:30 +0200, Christoph Biedl wrote:
> There should be few doubt interest in this package rose a bit
> recently, at least for me. So I'll do the packaging, stay tuned.
Although this doesn't really solve the problem of X.509 which is
inherently broken...
Especially as there are many (even major) sites which regularly switch
their certs (even between CAs)... I've recently seen that with Facebook.

> > * License         : MPL 1.1, GPL 2.0, LGPL 2.1
> In the related documents I found MPL 1.1 only. Do you have other
> information about the licensing - upstream might have changed that,
> too.
This might have changed... well I simply got that from the mozilla
addons page... and now it says there only MPL 1.1.


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