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Bug#640187: ITP: color -- create ANSI escape codes to color shell output

Package: wnpp

Severity: wishlist

Owner: Yogesh S. Bhavsar <yogesh.bhavsar1989@gmail.com>


Package name : color
Version : 0.4
Upstream Author : Moshe Jacobson <moshe@runslinux.net>
URL : http://www.sourcefiles.org/Utilities/Configuration/color-1.1.tar.gz
License : GNU GPL v2
Programming Lang : C
Description : Format Shell Output
Color is a nifty little utility that you can call from shell scripts, that will let you easily use ANSI escape codes (for colors, bold, underline, etc) to your shell scripts without having to memorize and type it every time you want a little formatting to the Output.... Color started out as a quick hack written in Bash. 
To Use it:
To use ANSI color in your shell scripts, place a color command, wrapped in $() or `` depending on your shell, before the text you want colorized, and then a $(color off) after the text.

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