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Bug#619388: ITP: cernlib -- CERNLIB data analysis suite


On 08:57 Thu 03/24/11 Mar     , Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> That is, when you want to maintain this package, have you considered
> this? Are you prepared to take over the full maintenance of it? If you
> just want to stick it into Debian as it is/was, so it becomes bitrot
> here, that wouldnt be a good thing. If you DO want to maintain it fully,
> and want to address the problems it seems to have, fine.

Thank you for comments.  I am well aware of these threads.  Certainly
I intend to take over the full maintenance, and we are planning to
fork a free version from the upstream and continue the development of
CERNLIB to keep it operational on other distribution and OS.

Kind regards,
- Lifeng


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