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Bug#592137: RFH: bastille - Security hardening tool


I would gladly help with this. 

I use Bastille as my main firewall, as well as its tmp-securing script.
I have also gone through all steps of "Securing Debian Manual" as part
of my systems' security policy, so no problem with that also. 

I am currently preparing a package for inclusion in debian (see
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=518696 and the parallel
package in http://mentors.debian.net), so I have both already gained
some experience with it and enough free time (no lots of packages to
distract me) to devote to the bastille-reshaping project.

Over the suggested tools, I would prefer git and quilt.  They allow to
work independently and in a modular way.  For example, I could start
immediately to separate patches in my branch while I would wait for you
to create the Alioth project and init the main git repo there.  But I
can work with other tools too.

Please provide me with a tasklist of things that I can start working.

George Zarkadas

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