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Bug#561254: Adopt gambit and gambit-doc packages

El vie, 14-01-2011 a las 17:59 +0100, Innocent De Marchi escribió:
> I planning to adopt the gambit and gambit-doc packages.
> The latest version of gambit in sid is 0.2006.01.20-3 but there are
> also the 0.2007.12.04-1 version in debian.mentors ( by QA upload from
> 2010-08-28). Why has not uploaded version of debian.mentors to sid?
> Is it really an orphan the package?

Hi Innocent.
I sent an ITA message for gambit yesterday, and I'm working on a package
for the latest release (0.2010.09.01). Please give me a few days and I
will be uploading it to mentors.

You are certainly welcome to co-maintain the package if you are

Best regards
Ruben Mlina

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