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Bug#608709: Please enable shared libraries

On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 10:03:08PM +0000, David Banks wrote:
> Hi Alessandro,
> I have been working on packaging this myself, but I have not made
> significant progress (hence the lack of an ITP).  I'll gladly leave
> the packaging work to you, I can provide you with the very little I do
> have if you want.  Just a request for the package, though: there is
> now experimental support for shared libraries in the newer beta
> versions of Discount that you can enable by the --shared option to
> 'configure.sh'.  Please could you configure discount with this flag,
> and install the library, when you package it?  I think it would make
> the package much more useful.  Hopefully the support will be in a
> non-beta version by the time the package comes out.
> Feel free to mail me if you have any questions.

I was packaging the version 2.0.3 to avoid some problems by eventual 
unstable beta features, building a shared library with a little patch by me 
to the Makefile.in, but I think I can wait for the 2.0.4 to be out or also 
backport that particular patch to 2.0.3.

Anyway the work on the package is almost done, I was waiting to search for
a sponsor in order to give higher priority to some other packages I'm 
working on. If you want to grab the current version of the package it is on
mentors.debian.net [0] (note that probably it will not be the final version
of the package).


[0] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/d/discount/

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