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Bug#602210: whyteboard recently packaged

Hello Takaki,

I packaged most recently whyteboard, and just realized that I should
have watched more precisely the ITP list.

You expressed a few days ago your intention to maintain whyteboard. So I
uploaded the package in its present state (which should be fairly
acceptable) to mentors.debian.net. Please take it if it can be useful
to save some work; see

On the other hand, if you have few time to upload it, I can also change
the ownership of the ITP again and upload the package shortly.

Currently, lintian reports one warning since I close no ITP bug.

Best regards,			Georges.

Georges KHAZNADAR et Jocelyne FOURNIER
22 rue des mouettes, 59240 Dunkerque France.
Téléphone +33 (0)3 28 29 17 70

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