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Bug#579786: Bug#604968: w3-recs: Package is out-of-date

tags 604968 + help

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 09:17:03PM +0100, Manuel Strehl wrote:
> Since the last update of the w3-recs package a lot of activity has
> been going on at the W3C. Most notably the advance of HTML5 and
> several CSS3 modules come to mind.

Well, I don't know about the CSS3 modules you have in mind, but HTML5 is
not a good example, given that the HTML5 is still a working draft and
not a Recommendation. As the package name implies, w3-recs is meant to
contain only Recommendations and not W3C documents in other status.

> This is not reflected in the specifications included in w3-recs. An
> update of this otherwise useful package is in need.

Nevertheless, this is true. I meant to update w3-recs once before the
Squeeze freeze and then formally orphan the package (see #579786), but I
badly failed at it.

Some people declared interest in adopting w3-recs (Cc:ing them with this
mail), but in spite of some early work on the package, it seems that
unfortunately no upload has been made yet. Folks, if you are *really*
interested in maintaining w3-recs, please go ahead with an upload and
feel free to remove me from the maintainer/uploader fields. I doubt
there is any room for an updated version for Squeeze (which is
unfortunate), but it would be nice to have the package up to date in
unstable, as its dependencies make it trivial to install it from any
Debian suite.


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