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Bug#596511: ITP: simon -- Open source speech recognition

Peter Grasch <grasch@simon-listens.org> writes:

>> Peter, have you prepared a source *.deb yet?  It would be interesting to
>> look at the code to understand how critical the non-free component is.
> Sure. There are complete packages in the Ubuntu ppa:
> https://launchpad.net/~grasch-simon-listens/+archive/simon/

The copyright file says:

    This package consists of four differently licensed parts:
      * The documentation is under the GFDL (see below);
      * Julius (everything in the folder julius/) is coverd
        by the Julius license (see below)
      * CMake modules are licensed under the BSD license
        (see below)
      * Everything else is covered by the GPLv2

One conclusion from earlier discussions about the Julius license on
debian-legal was that it was non-free:


The thread isn't completely clear to me what the exact problem is

Is Julius dynamically linked to Simon?  I wonder whether GPLv2 is
compatible with the Julius license.


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