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Bug#596753: RFP -> ITP: 2ping -- bi-directional ping utility to determine direction of packet

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 2:43 PM, Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org> wrote:
> Oops. I explicitly looked for his name in the NM list to see if that's
> the case, because I didn't want to steal that package from some
> upcoming Debian Developer. But I forgot that you can be DM without
> being in NM.

No problem. I was one of the first people in the DM program.  Perhaps
someday I'll go through NM, but for the moment I'm fine maintaining
the few packages I have.

> Well, I read that on the website, too, and initially had the same
> thought. But then I asked myself: why not? If I want to distribute
> software on my boxes, I want to do that in .deb format, so I wouldn't
> be unhappy to have the current state packaged somewhere anyway. Debian
> Experimental would be a place where I'd expect software with such a
> "not stabilized protocol" label.
> Anyway, I'm happy if Ryan wants to package his software himself and
> available for sponsoring or co-maintaining. Feel free to change the
> owner of this bug appropriately. Haven't done much more than dh-make
> so far, so no work would be lost. Instead I distributed the Perl
> script itself to $HOME/bin on some of my boxes already. :-)

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)  This is a project that I've
been wanting to do for years for my own benefit, and it's nice knowing
others are already finding it useful once I finally got around to
writing it.

You and Francois can draw straws to determine who packages it, and
either of you have my blessing with keeping it in experimental for now
(and definitely move to sid once I finalize the protocol design).  I
was planning on eventually packaging it myself if nobody was
interested, but I am totally fine with having someone else maintain
the packaging...  as long as it's not CDBS ;).  Just FYI, I do promise
to flesh out the distribution tarball, so look out for a proper
Makefile upstream sometime in the near future.

The IANA front desk just got back to me today saying they're still
reviewing my request, which I consider encouraging.  Requesting a
registered port from the IANA (1024-49151, not "well known" <1024 of
course) was mostly an exercise in being a good netizen that also
happened to give me some more time to finish the design.


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