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Bug#596229: ITP: lazyscripts -- A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer

2010/9/10 Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
On 12233 March 1977, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> Owner: Billy Zhe-Wei Lin 林哲瑋 <billy3321@gmail.com>

> * Package name    : lazyscripts
>   Version         :
>   Upstream Author : Billy Zhe-Wei Lin, 林哲瑋 (billy3321, 雨蒼) <billy3321@gmail.com>
> * URL             : http://www.lazyscripts.org* License         : GPL-2
>   Programming Lang: Python, bash
>   Description     : A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer

> Lazyscripts is just a stupid script distrubtion tool and quick-installer
> in Linux, which aims to provide a easy way to setup your working
> environment for people who need to install a new distrubution such as
> Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE or who want to have much better experiences in
> Linux.

This seems to be a very taiwanese centric package to increase experience
 a.) chinese speaking users who need some special settings before
 Debian is really usable (yes, our installer sucks here)
 b.) install a whole number of third party packages/software

For the first point you really want to change the name, lazyscripts is
sure not going to win anything. And even more you want to adjust the
description to actually state what its doing and what it is for.

Yes, I agree the description has a lot of words need to modified.
I will fix it later.
The second means it has to end up in contrib.

Also reading the news page, im not sure if i would want the script on my
system, i think it should be hilighted that the first step this
scriptset i doing is to download a whole bunch of scripts from the net
to execute them. Unless you disable that by default, shipping them all,
and make it an option.
(Looking through the scripts is also pretty scary, with all the apt-get
-y --force-yes, su/sudo to modify the system in sometimes pretty scary
ways and all without any error handling. Have a single command go wrong
- it doesnt care, it goes on, potentially killing the system.

The original goal for lazyscripts is use for new users, or user who usually reinstall there system.
Geeks always has a lot of scripts to config there system, and we hope
new users can enjoy the convenient but without any mistake.

We hope can make the developer and users more close.

The script quality is control by script maintainer.
Our script pool has a stable branch, and all the script for users will on stable branch.
Script pool maintainer will make sure the script can work, and can't not damage the system
before put the script to stable branch.

And we use the github system to keep the scripts only can be modified by script pool maintainer.

Also, many echo statements that output chinese only text, you might want
to provide some english texts too or expect a good set of confused error
reports :) At least if you intend to have that in Debian and as such for
all of our users.

I have no idea what are these talking about?
Lazyscripts are support multi-language now, for now we support English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.

Regards, Billy

bye, Joerg
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