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Bug#596229: ITP: lazyscripts -- A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer

2010/9/9 Thibaut Paumard <mlotpot.news@free.fr>
>   Description     : A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer
> Lazyscripts is just a stupid script distrubtion tool and quick-installer
> in Linux, which aims to provide a easy way to setup your working
> environment for people who need to install a new distrubution such as
> Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE or who want to have much better experiences in
> Linux.

Sorry, I absolutely don't get the concept. In particular, how will
lazyscripts help Debian users installing SuSE?

For my meaning, Lazyscripts can help the people who just installed a new distribution.
After installed a whole new system, Lazyscripts can help you to tune your system, such as
install package, or modified some config files....
What sort of "scripts" and "packages" are installed by "lazyscripts"?
are they installed at the systme level or in the user directory?

This guide shows the sort we get the scripts.
We use the security system of git and github to make sure the scripts only can be modified by Script pool mantainer.

>From the homepage, it looks like it's a tool to help Taiwanese people to
get a working, localized environment. Is that so? In that case both the
short and long description are misleading: non-taiwanese people won't
get that it's not for them, and Taiwanese people won't get that it IS
for them.

Lazyscripts now support multi-language. But we still need more developer help us to imporve it.
Our developer are almost in Taiwan and China, that's why the zh_TW and zh_CN support are better
then others.

Best regards, Thibaut.

PS: also presumably not mandated by the Debian policy, it would be great
to have at least a couple of sentences in English on the page pointed to
by the "Homepage" field of your ITP.

Sure, we will improve it. Thanks for your advice.

Best regards, Billy

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