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Bug#596229: ITP: lazyscripts -- A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer

Hi there,

Jon Dowland wrote:
> Are you the upstream author? Are Thomas Goirand and Billy Zhe-Wei
> Lin the same person?

I was at the "Hacking Thursday" of the "Shanghai Linux User Group", and
I was trying to show "Billy Zhe-Wei", a Taiwanese living in Shanghai,
how he could package his application in Debian, and why he needed to
fill an ITP.

Unfortunately, his laptop couldn't connect to the WiFi there (for a
weird reason that we didn't find out). So I used the "--email=" of
reportbug on my laptop, but as I have set DEBFULLNAME in my environment,
and I dind't use --realname=, so my name went in, instead of his. That's
just a mistake I did, which I didn't see, because in the editor, you
have the Owner: field that is correct (see the deceptive text below).

> Are you the upstream author?

Billy Zhe-Wei Lin 林哲瑋 <billy3321@gmail.com> is the upstream author.

Jon Dowland wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 09, 2010 at 08:42:39PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> Package: wnpp
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Owner: Billy Zhe-Wei Lin 林哲瑋 <billy3321@gmail.com>
>> * Package name    : lazyscripts
>>   Version         :
>>   Upstream Author : Billy Zhe-Wei Lin, 林哲瑋 (billy3321, 雨蒼) <billy3321@gmail.com>
>> * URL             : http://www.lazyscripts.org
>> * License         : GPL-2
>>   Programming Lang: Python, bash
>>   Description     : A stupid scripts management tool and non official package installer
>> Lazyscripts is just a stupid script distrubtion tool and quick-installer
>                                       distribution
>> in Linux, which aims to provide a easy way to setup your working
>> environment for people who need to install a new distrubution such as
>                                                    distribution
>> Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE or who want to have much better experiences in
>> Linux.
> Apart from the spelling errors, reading this description I still have no firm
> idea of what this package does.

This is exactly what I told Zhe-Wei tonight when reading his short
description. When I first saw his python GUI, I thought it was a
replacement for the "Ubuntu software center" in a way faster. It seems I
was wrong, but I discovered it after sending the ITP with him.

What his package does is things like downloading unofficial packages at
once with wget, and some dpkg -i of the .deb. He showed me some examples
with some fonts packages. Now that I understand this, I think it's a bit
silly, as packages should go in Debian directly, and we have
dependencies if we wish to pull more than one package at a time. It
could still be cool for non-free stuff though. And I think that his tool
can do a lot more (it does a lot of scripting).

Note that this is just a kind mentoring process, as Zhe-Wei is really
willing to learn. So please do not care too much about this. :)

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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