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Bug#589944: RFS: keynav (updated package)


Wen-Yen Chuang <caleb@calno.com> wrote on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org:
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.20100623.2958-1
> of my package "keynav". (Programming language: C)

I do use keynav on two of my systems where I then and when have
problems with the mouse (for different reasons though). IMHO it's a
neat little and in some corner cases very useful and important tool.

The package at
builds fine and also looks mostly good. I especially like the fact
that there's now no more a convenience copy of xdotool contained in
the source. I just uploaded it to ftp-master.

I though have a few remarks about some minor issues though in case you
plan to prepare the next package version, too.

Wen-Yen Chuang <caleb@calno.com> wrote on http://bugs.debian.org/589944:
> Subject: RFA: keynav -- a keyboard-driven mouse cursor mover
> [...]
> Well, since no one care about it, neither do I.

For me, such attitude is normally a reason NOT to help with or sponsor
a package. But since I do care about keynav in Debian, I will still
sponsor it.

Not all people in Debian who care about package X are on
debian-mentors or in your address book. For example I noticed the RFA
via wnpp.debian.net's RSS feed.

I didn't yet notice that keynav is uninstallable in Sid on _some_
platforms, because all my Sid boxes also have the testing APT
repository listed where libxdo1 is still available. And on of the
machines where I use it, it is still installable in Sid anyway,
since for that and another platform, libxdo1 is still in the archive:

If I would have noticed that issue, I'd have had a look why there's no
new package and then would have found your RFS, too.

You sometimes just need a little more patience with answers for
sponsor requests. As you see, sponsors do come, just not always

So I'd be happy to see you taking back that defiant RFA. I'd also offer
to sponsor that package in the future, too.

		Kind regards, Axel
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