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Bug#588361: Adopting the packaging for Ubuntu perhaps

I'd like to throw one more idea out here to help with this RFH.  Is there any consideration in adopting the packaging used by Ubuntu?  The way the ATI executable is configured, it includes a set of packaging scripts for different distros built-in for users to generate native packages on the fly without having to wait for them to land in their distro.  That same set of packaging is also used in Ubuntu on the archive because the same maintainers maintain it on Phorogit (where the packaging is stored) as those who put it in the archive.

So this means that say AMD launched an 8.723 driver, and 8.710 is in Ubuntu, a user could run:
./ati-blah-blah.run --buildpkg Ubuntu
and it will generate a package that is fully compatible due to using the same packaging scripts.

If Debian would be willing to switch the packaging over to doing it this way too, we could see
./ati-blah-blah.run --buildpkg Debian generating the same results as ./ati-blah-blah.run --buildpkg Ubuntu which has the same results as the packages directly in Debian unstable and Ubuntu development versions.

So I think that's a win-win for all audiences then rather than both developing packaging in parallel.

Mario Limonciello
Linux Engineer
Dell | OS Engineering

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