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Bug#575877: libspring-java: Status Update

Hi Miguel,

> Today I was able to build libspring-java with what is
> available in Debian. I committed a couple of patches to fix
> the build (related with JRuby and JPA 2.0).

I've removed glassfish-jpa from build-classpath (embed JPA 1.0 API - instead of 
JPA 2.0 provided by geronimo).

> Also I committed a small fix for spring-build and regarding
> castor, it is awaiting for sponsoring (Torsten was reviewing
> it).

OK, fine.

> * Why the ITP bug for spring-build is blocked by
> libspring-java? spring-build should block libspring-java,
> isn't? Or am I wrong here? I think this package is ready, at
> least it is working for me.

I've made a mistake here. "block by" relationship should be reversed.

spring-build as some huge blocking issue for now : their is no copyright 
assignement and/or licence in source package. If you have time, you should try 
to contact SpringSource (via mail and/or JIRA) about this issue.

> * libhibernate3-java (>= 3.5) is meant to be released with squeeze?
> I didn't notice this dependency until very recently.

I hope we can release with libhibernate3-java 3.5.x but many packages have to 
be tested before we can do that.
Regarding reverse Build-Depends, we have :

> * Probably depending on the previous question, do you think
> libspring-java could be uploaded to unstable soon and be
> included in squeeze?

I don't think we can release libspring-java with Squeeze until we manage to 
migrate libhibernate 3.5 to unstable (I don't want to many big patch applied 
to source like I did for Spring 2.5 : we should no drift to much regarding 
upstream dependencies)

Damien - Debian Developper

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