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Bug#580680: O: enchant -- a wrapper library for various spell checkers

> If nobody steps up I guess we could move it under collab-maint
> and try to form a small group from all the maintainers of
> packages using enchant. Even if it isn't a dedicated
> team it shouldn't be worse than its current state.

Hi. Collab-maint sounds at this point the way to go. I went ahead and
created http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/enchant.git;a=summary

I think I can work on the packaging stuff for at least the initial
update, mainly importing Ubuntu's work on 1.6.0 packaging and seeing if
there is anything to fix from my point of view. There is separation of
voikko component to a separate library, which is fine (even though
voikko just lost both malaga and glib dependencies so there are no
further dependencies) although it requires changes to tasksel which I
can ask for later.

If you have anything against first importing Ubuntu's 1.6 stuff and
working from there, please say so. After that any fixes to bug reports
or otherwise are of course welcome.

Let's say some ETA Ubuntu import to git by 2.6. if no objections, then
some quick fixes by me and waiting until 9.6. for possible other fixes,
then upload if no hurdles arise?

What about this group then, ie. bureaucracy? I wouldn't want to actually
adopt enchant at this point, so I'd indeed prefer working as part of
some group. If someone can take initiative there and form something,
feel free. I'll join any group :P


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