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Bug#573040: ITP: pino - a twitter client

[ I apologize for not sending the email to bts, my fault ]

On Wed, 12 May 2010 11:22:40 +0200
Julien Valroff <julien@kirya.net> wrote:

> I am interested in getting pino uploaded to Debian, co-maintenance would be
> perfect for me, as I am reluctant in maintaining alone a package written
> in a language I do not know at all.
> Cristian, do you have an account on Alioth which would allow us to set up a
> GIT repo in the collab maint project [0]?

Sure, my account on alioth is cristian-guest. Please feel free to start
creating the git repository on collab-maint.

> I personnally do not see any problem in co-maintaining the package at 3 if
> you are still interested in working on it.
> It is clear it is a quite simple package, but which can get a large audience:
> that would mean a lot of bugs to be worked on, fixed and/or forwarded
> upstream.

I agree too, the application will probably grow a lot next months.

Cristian Greco
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