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Bug#471801: Bug#526878: Bug#504283: Bug#471801: egroupware adoption or removal?

Hi Lars, hi Peter, hi Martin,

On Tuesday 09 March 2010 10:32:29 Jan Wagner wrote:
> On Saturday, 22. August 2009, Ralf Becker wrote:
> > Independent of how EGroupware is maintained in Debian in future, I'm
> > happy to work closer together with Debian Security Team, to get earlier
> > information about exploits in embedded code and coordinate security
> > fixes.
> >
> > If I'm going to maintain EGroupware in Debian, everyone can expect
> > same-time releases of Debian packages (to experimental), as the other
> > rpm packages or archives of EGroupware.
> I don't know, if you have noticed, but egroupware[1] was removed from
> testing, which results in releasing the next stable version of Debian
> _without_ egroupware. Actually the package has _no_ maintainer, so there is
> no work done to change this soon (and Debian ist freezing in the next days,
> so there is no time to relaxe, if this is intended to).
> While you released 1.6.003 these days I was remembered about the problem.
> As staying egroupware seems "most important", the situation seems even more
> worse.

since Ralf did nothing (beside spreading the word), the packages are removed 
from testing and unstable.

Today I accidentaly found the packages from Lars on mentors.d.n:


Maybe Peter or Martin are willing to sponsor the packages?

Thanks and with kind regards, Jan.
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