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Bug#426048: Packaging FUPPES

Hi all,

My name is Robert Massaioli and I have been helping to develop fuppes further over the last month or so. However, both Ulrich (upstream author) and I think that now is a good time to try and package fuppes again. I personally like the idea because it would stop me having to deal with installation issues on a daily basis; or atleast, hopefully, have to deal with less.

However, I have never packaged anything in my life and just finished reading the debian policy manual today (version I am going to be reading the New Maintainers Guide and the Developers Reference next. My point is that I am new to packaging things for debian and I could use all of the help I could get; or if somebody who has more experience than me wants to do it then i'll take a back seat and tag along; so that I know how in the future. So please feel free to email me if you want to package, or help package fuppes.


P.S. In the meantime I'm going to finish reading the documentation.

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