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Bug#536245: New upstream version 2.24

> On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 09:29:34AM +0100, Sebastian Harl wrote:
>> > Heya,
>> > 
>> > On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 03:21:58PM +1100, Trent W. Buck wrote:
>>> > > Sebastian Harl wrote:
>>>> > > > Thanks for your interest and offering your help! To be honest, I'm
>>>> > > > not sure about what needs to be done at the moment.
>>> > > 
>>> > > Normally when adopting a package I would start by:
>>> > > 
>>> > >   - triaging any open bugs;
>>> > >   - adopting dpkg source format 3.0 (quilt);
>>> > >   - adopting dh(1) for debian/rules;
>>> > >   - uupdating to a new upstream (if any); and finally
>>> > >   - adopting DEP-5 for debian/copyright and updating it.
>>> > > 
>>> > > I'll leave this (graphviz) at the bottom of my IN tray for now; if I
>>> > > get around to working on it, I'll send patches to you rather than
>>> > > applying them directly.  This will give you a chance to veto anything
>>> > > you don't like.
>> > 
>> > Great! I'm not convinced about 3.0 (quilt) yet, so I'd prefer not to use
>> > that for graphviz. Anything else sounds good to me, though.
>> > 
>> > Thanks again for your interest!
>> >
> In the meantime you organize the new maintianership for graphviz, I am going
> to do a QA upload addressing at least #493974. Package FTBFS currently and
> it is necesary getting it buildeable becaus it is stalling ongoing porting
> efforts.
> Ana

Hi All,

As I've mentioned above, I've done some work on the new upstream
version, and I was just preparing to commit my stuff to the git repo,
when I spotted this update.  Fair enough Ana, you beat me to it ;-)
(BTW, did you mean bug #504569? That's the one you seem to have fixed!,
I also notice you haven't committed a changelog update, if you want to
do this, I'll make sure I merge mine with yours)

In the interests of co-operation I thought it would a good idea for me
to detail here what I've done so far ...

Triaging - upstream have fixed #522356 and #521539.  I've applied the
minor changes for #504571, #504569 (duplicating Ana's change but never
mind!), #493974 and #521538.  Note, not all of these are in the version
uploaded to mentors - I'm going to update this shortly.

I also switched to using 3.0 (quilt) - the main reason being that
upstream are now distributing a debian directory in the tarball (a
position they do not seem to be prepared to move from AIUI) and updating
to the new format seemed expedient to avoid repacking.  Sebastian, do
you think I should revert this?

I've added a couple of patches, one to kill upstream's attempt to
generate debian/changelog from changelog.in (!) and a second to fix a
segfault in the new 'prune' executable.

What I still have to do is to split libgraphviz into seperate packages
for each library ... I had originally thought to keep them together
despite the soname update on libgvc, at least for now, but following
some good advice from Christoph, I'm going to revisit this.

Apologies for cc'ing everyone ... I have no idea who is subscribed to
this bug (I am BTW).



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