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Bug#559719: ITP: classlib -- C++ Class Library

> Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> >> I'm also working on good short and long descriptions and
> >> binary package name.
> >> Suggestions are welcome.
> > Could you please also bug upstream about renaming this library? "classlib" is
> > just as good as naming it "lib" only, in a C++ context. 
> Yeah I know that it's really generic but I think it shouldn't be a
> problem unless a source package named "classlib" already exists and
> would conflict with this one.
> As you can see at download location, that's the library name since
> 2001. Also for that reason, I'm looking for a _binary_ package name less
> generic, not source.

That is true, of course. But I guess that "classlib" is something that was
pretty much internal to CERN, so they most probably didn't care much about the
actual name. I just thought it would be nice to convince upstream of changing
that name to something more suitable. 

> > 
> > On the other hand, as it is only needed as a dependency of iSpy, why not ship it
> > together with iSpy sources and don't even build specific binary packages?
> Do you mean aggregating 2 tarballs in one source package (or using
> classlib version that comes with iSpy) and building 2 binary packages
> (ispy and classlib)?
> Correct me if I'm wrong. In that way, each time a new ispy release is
> out, I should also rebuild and upload classlib even if it's not changed,
> correct?
> An alternative way could be shipping it with iSpy sources (to satisfy
> dependency) as you said, and then packaging iSpy only? That's the
> simplest way but is it doable? Only adding a section in
> debian/copyright? But in that way, classlib would lose its identity.

Yes, this was what I was after. Just ship classlib as part of iSpy and don't
even expose it at all. Indeed, added a bit of information to debian/copyright
should suffice. This is only sensible, however, if iSpy is the only package in
Debian making use of classlib. And for a source/package named "classlib" I
wouldn't call that losing its identity, because it doesn't feel like it had one,
given such a name. Most probably it's just an aggreation of utility classes.


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