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Bug#512360: RFH: openldap -- OpenLDAP server, libraries, and utilities


I'd like to offer my help as well.

> We particularly need help with:
> * Triaging Debian bugs [...]
> * Triage of TLS issues. [...]
> * Work on slapd configuration and maintenance. [...]
> * Testing, particularly of the server. [...]

The company I'm working for relies on OpenLDAP as a core component of its 
Debian based Linux distribution for enterprise level customers. So I probably 
can contribute some amount of work on configuration updates, maintainance and 
testing, and possibly route some bugs or help resolving TLS issues that pop 
up along the way.

Arvid Requate
Open Source Software Engineer

Univention GmbH
Linux for your business
28359 Bremen
Tel. : +49 421 22232-0
Fax : +49 421 22232-99


Geschäftsführer: Peter H. Ganten
HRB 20755 Amtsgericht Bremen
Steuer-Nr.: 71-597-02876 

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