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Bug#402841: any progress with gwt?

Christian BAYLE schrieb:
> Thomas Sachau a écrit :
>> Can someone send me the actual state of building including those of the included jars? I tried to
>> create a package for GWT for gentoo, but packaging this beast is still nonetrivial.
>> It would also be nice, if someone could point me to the sources for the following included jars:
>> -naming-common-1.0.jar
>> -naiming-java-1.0.jar
>> -naming-resources-1.0.jar
>> -servlets-common-1.0.jar
>> -tomcat-jk2-2.1.jar
>> -catalina.jar
> I think tha most source, you can't find are provided in gwt as
> *-src.jar, and the rest is in the distro, all these for me is part of
> tomcat, for catalina I'm sure, but I didn't check in details.

I dont want to use included sources from gwt project, but want to use the original sources. And a
short check showed me that at least at gentoo side there is only >=tomcat-5.5, while the first 5 are
only in older versions, which are no longer supported. The catalina source is also in newer
versions, but the version from tomcat does not work with gwt for myself.

>> In addition, whats the current state of building the eclipse/firefox stuff?
> I didnt dig since some time, the best would be to ask upstream how they
> build this, as I never could something that worked.
> I'm interested if you make some progress

Do you have some better contact way than their google group? I didnt even get an answer to some
questions i sent there some weeks ago, so until there is a way to get a developer answer or some
other contact way to get anwers, i fear i wont make bigger progress.

Thomas Sachau

Gentoo Linux Developer

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