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Bug#547514: O: luxrender

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Hi folks,

I'm not quite sure I'm going to have a volunteer this time, but let's
obey the procedure to the letter: I've been lacking time to package new
upstream releases of luxrender, a physically based and unbiased
rendering engine; packaging a new upstream release would at least solve
#498035, and #494786 could then follow quite easily. I've done some work
in VCS (debcheckout is your friend if interested), but upstream then
moved to another toolkit, amongst other things.

I'm very close to requesting its removal entirely, since nobody proposed
any help, nor complained about the missing binaries for, say, amd64… But
let's wait some more bits through this O: bug.

| Description: rendering system for physically correct 3D image synthesis
|  LuxRender is a rendering system for physically correct, unbiased 3D image
|  synthesis. By calculating complex light interactions and using physically
|  accurate cameras and materials, LuxRender is capable of simulating light
|  exactly as in the real world.
|  .
|  Luxrender is directly usable by artists, with the tools and features they
|  need to produce high-quality photorealistic images, especially in areas like
|  architectural visualization, product design, and prototyping.
|  .
|  It also provides with a Blender exporter, a GUI, and a C API that allows
|  programmers to use LuxRender in their own programs.


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