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Bug#531699: ITP: apt-offline -- Offline APT Package Manager

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
Just for the record, apt-offline is being tailored for inclusion into Debian at:


I find interesting your program.

I'm one of the maintainers of apt-zip, which do similar tasks, but:
- it is not really developed since some years,
- it lack the support of an high level language (it is written in shell),
  thus it is difficult to do real (complex) works
- we (maintainers) lack interest to continuing developing apt-zip

BTW I also written a much shorter "apt-remote" in python, but it
is not complete and I have no intention to continue developing it.

So, I can help you sponsoring and mentoring you to upload apt-offline
in Debian. I think also that we could remove apt-zip (I think we will
provide a wrapper between the old apt-zip interface and the new tools).


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