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Bug#524790: Updated debian package for fio

Am Donnerstag 13 August 2009 schrieb Michael Prokop:
> * Martin Steigerwald <Martin@lichtvoll.de> [20090813 10:42]:
> > Am Donnerstag 13 August 2009 schrieb Michael Prokop:
> > > Package is lintian clean and the fio_1.32-1.diff.gz looks fine.
> > > If you send me a 'ACK' I'll upload the package.
> >
> > ACK. ;)
> Thanks. Uploaded.
> You should (have) receive(d) mails about the state of the upload.
> Should appear on http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html soon.

Nothing yet. Bug tracker still listed Hendrik as package maintainer in 
last mails, so possibly I won't get these?

> > BTW the package was lintian clean here even before I fixed the
> > copyright sign. And I did install lintian from unstable here.
> >
> > shambhala:~> apt-show-versions | grep lintian
> > lintian/sid uptodate 2.2.13
> Interesting. Same lintian version with git tree before last fix:
> | W: fio: debian-copyright-file-uses-obsolete-national-encoding at line
> | 11
> Are you using a UTF-8 console environment?

Yes. Possibly I tricked myself. Latest git-buildpackage possibly was still 
with the older lintian. And then I possibly ran the newest linitian on the 
dsc file without rebuilding the package before. But I thought I ran a git-
buildpackage after updating lintian... well I can try to reproduce this 
and do a bug report regarding lintian if desired.

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