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Bug#525986: [Bug 315950] Re: [needs-packaging] FoFiX (Frets on Fire X)

Unfortunately, there are still a couple of show-stoppers for this to
happen, at least in Debian unstable.
The most notable problem right now is the bad python-pyvorbis 1.4
package that throws a double-free error.

Please see: http://bugs.debian.org/521559

Another issue is that python-pygame is still at version 1.7.1 (or
1.8.x in Ubuntu) while >= 1.9.x is required, at least for 64bit CPUs.

Until those two issues are tackled, i don't see a FoFiX package for
Debian/Ubuntu coming.
However, if they're resolved, i'll gladly package it myself or make
sure it gets packaged.

Finally, as a comment to the Debian RFP, please note that i'm not the
only upstream author, not at all!
Actually, there are quite a few active developpers these days.
I hope i won't hurt anyone's feelings but i think the most active
developers currently are (no particular order):
Chris Paiano
Pascal Giard (me)
John Stumpo


PS: As a side note, we'd like to modify FoFiX so it can use multiple
songs folders. That'd allow us to reuse the fretsonfire-mudjold
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