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Bug#501774: pyjamas

retitle 501774 ITP: python-pyjamas -- Python-to-Javascript compiler and AJAX-based Web Widget library

Hi Luke!

I am  interested into getting Pyjamas  into Debian. I  have retitle this
bug as an ITP  which is what you should have done  to ensure that no one
else is working on  it. As you are the owner of  the bug, this now means
that you intent to package Pyjamas.

I have looked at your package  and... hum... there are a lot of problems
with it.  There is  a lot of  work to do  to be  able to upload  them to
Debian. Are you still interested to package it yourself? This means that
you would  have to read  the new maintainer  manual and also  the debian
python policy. If yes, contact me, I will help you.

The other  way to  go would be  to hand  me the ITP  and let  me package
pyjamas.  If you  are not  really  interested to  package softwares  for
Debian, this  would be the easiest  choice. We can  also co-maintain the

Let me know.
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