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Bug#518494: ITP: pythm -- media players (e.g. mpd, gstreamer, mplayer) GUI frontend

I am sorry Luca that I have missed your email. Looking at it now I
realize that it came at the hottest time -- I was about to submit my
PhD dissertation, so my mind was fully occupied with other things ;)

> On Fri, 06 Mar 2009 16:25:16 +0100, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> > * Package name    : pythm
> >   Version         : 0.5.5-dmr (fork developed by Dylan)
> >   Upstream Author : Matthias Hans <ughl0r@yahoo.de>, Dylan Reilly <dreilly@atariland.net>, and others ;)
> > * URL             : http://github.com/negi/pythm/tree/master
> What are the advantages of this one WRT the original project [1]?  Is

original project is dead (or at least stale for quite a while) as
far I can see that.

besides a variety of cosmetic/UI changes, this fork brings
gstreamer backend which might be a preferable one for FR (hence it is
the default one iirc)

> there any chance that development on the original project will continue?
there is always some degree of chance for anything. 
But I can probably say that it is very unlikely
If it does continue, I don't see any reason why our fork should not be
considered for merge ;)

> In this case, I would say that the fork should not be packaged with the
> original name.
yeah -- I had such doubts as well; but atm there is no original pythm
development, and not sure if it would ever come back.

There is though another fork by Paul TT. We adopted some of his changes
(GUI) but not all.

To summarize -- I would stick with pythm name until original author does
not come up and claim his trademark ;)

> > Pythm (Python + Rhythm) is a media player frontend, designed to
> > control gstreamer, mplayer or mpd with one GUI on mobile devices such
> > as OpenMoko's FreeRunner.
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Do you mind maintaining your package under the pkg-fso umbrella [2],
> which is the team behind any Debian effort for Openmoko devices?
not at all... and actually that is what I was asking for in the other
recent email. I will apply for membership within pkg-fso on alioth, so I
could upload.

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