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Bug#519339: ITP: tmux -- an alternative to screen, licensed under 3-BSD

On Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 22:37:41 +0100, Karl Ferdinand Ebert wrote:

> - a more usable status line syntax, with the ability to display the first line
>   of output of a specific command;

  That is also possible in GNU Screen.

> - a cleaner, modern, easily extended, BSD-licensed codebase.

  That would be a nice bonus.  Frankly the GNU Screen codebase
 is very messy.  (I've worked with it a fair bit.)

> > The design of tmux seems less secure, too.
> In which way is it less secure?

  I've not looked at this at all -  but the idea of shared sockets
 in /tmp which I recall from a previous message in the thread jumped out
 at me as being a recipe for symlink attacks, if nothing else.

Try out tscreen - My fork of GNU Screen:

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