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Bug#519423: ITP: jin -- graphical client (interface) for chess servers

Package: wnpp
Owner: Dominik Smatana <dominik.smatana@gmail.com>
Severity: wishlist

Package name : jin
Version : 2.14.1
Upstream Author : Alexander Maryanovsky <sasha-m@users.sourceforge.net>
URL : http://www.jinchess.com/
License : GPL
Programming Lang : Java
Description : graphical client (interface) for chess servers

Jin is a Java client for various chess servers. It currently supports the Internet Chess Club (chessclub.com) and the Free Internet Chess Server (freechess.org) but is designed to be able to support any chess server.

From: "Anuradha Weeraman" <aweeraman@gmail.com>
Subject: Jin is non-free, with distribution limitations
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 12:26:17 -0400

After looking at the licensing issues a little deeper, and consulting
upstream, it seems there are two binary-only jars that are non-free
and are required to compensate for lag. Removing them would
significantly degrade the user experience and it seems there's no
possibility for them to be opened up. So, I have no alternative but to
give up this package since I have no plans of maintaining non-free

There was also the case of parts of the distribution being none-DFSG
compliant, which needed to be looked at, but mostly superseded  by the
previous constraint.

Jin is still a great piece of software, and upstream has been
very courteous in responding to my requests. If anyone is willing to
take it up, please let me know off the list, so I can send you what
I've done so far.

I'd like to create and maintain this package (non-free).

Jin contains these 2 binary-only jars:
- timesealing.jar (Timestamp FICS v1.0) by Henrik Gram
- timestamping.jar (ICC) by Daniel Sleator (Darooha)

AFAIK: The owners permit these libraries to be distributed only in binary form (to help prevent cheating).

Dominik Smatana

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