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Bug#516351: see update

On 03/09/2009 02:25:29 PM, Joop Stakenborg wrote:

> I will see the freshmeat announcement when it's ready. I will be away
> most of next week but will start working on it when I get back.

Great, I will take a bit more time to tinker with this, then.  

I was using it in GNOME via lenny*, and decided to make minor 
behavioural changes so that it can cooperate more nicely with 
nautilus under (what I presume are) the default debian settings.  I'm 
also adding drag n' drop functionality; if anyone else has had any 
similar deep thoughts, vis. little things that might be more and less 
appreciable, I'd be only too happy to hear them, if not actually 
cooperate ;)


*which is so nice! the first linux 
I ever installed was actually "slink", then I travelled and did various 
things and did not have a computer for a long time...I believe many 
things have changed...thanks people :)

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