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Bug#517999: RFS: gremind -- Simple reminder program for GNOME

Frank Loeffler wrote:
On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 08:11:44PM +0100, Sebastian Krause wrote:
* URL             : http://perticone.homelinux.net/~sergio/c++/gremind/

That does not work for me, at least not at the moment. All I get is a

Yes, unfortunately the upstream author hosts his website on a dial-up connection and he has confirmed to me by email that there are currently problems with the server, but it should be back up in a few days. Meanwhile here is the Google Cache of the site:

gremind allows you to remind yourself of events and appointments and
notifies you a single or several (periodic) times.

How is gremind different from tkremind? tkremind is a tk frontend to
'remind'. 'remind' can do all sorts of reminders, holiday skips ect.
while tkremind can pop up windows for timed reminders, play a sound and
be iconified.

Being a Tk application tkremind is naturally ugly. When I tried out tkremind I didn't really like it. On the other hand, gremind rather uses the gnomeish approach with a rather slick and intuitive interface. Its simple interface and the fact that it's built upon GTK+ instead of Tk might get some people to prefer it over tkremind. While the developer's page is down, a screenshot is also available at the program's Freshmeat page:


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