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Bug#323420: 3.2 is out

El Mar 20 Ene 2009, Savvas Radevic escribió:
> 36	 - The vncdll.dll binary or its associated source code (modified RealVNC)

according with framework-3.2/external/source/vncdll/LICENCE.txt is GPL . Copyright RealVNC Ltd. 2002 and Copyright AT&T Laboratories Cambridge 1996-2001 (according to REALVNC.README.txt)

> 37	 - The icons used by msfweb that were not created by the Metasploit Project

in framework-3.2/data/msfweb/ I found a lot of different copyrights holders. In framework-3.2/data/msfweb/public/images/ there isn't any licence file. Some of them looks like Tango Gnome Icons (I'm not sure) and there is many company/brands logos, like framework-3.2/data/msfweb/public/images/rails.png and /framework-3.2/data/msfweb/public/images/platform-icons/3com.png .

> 38	 - The Ole::Storage library located under lib/ole

according with framework-3.2/lib/ole/LICENCE is GPL . Apparently was written by apparently, from http://code.google.com/p/ruby-msg/ . I have no idea of a real name.

> 39	 - The Scruby library located under lib/scruby

according with framework-3.2/lib/scruby/LICENCE is GPL . The copyright holder is Sylvain Sarmejeanne.

> 40	 - The PcapRub library located under external/pcaprub

according with framework-3.2/external/pcaprub/LICENCE is GPL . I have no idea who's the copyright holder

> 41	 - The Ruby-Lorcon library located under external/ruby-lorcon

according with external/ruby-lorcon/README was developed by Joshua Wright and dragorn. It's GPLv2.

> 42	 - The Byakugan plugin located under external/source/byakugan

Many files contains the legend: "Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved."


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