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Bug#500777: Bug #506285 - inkscape: Reenable LaTeX forumla rendering menu option

Hi Wolfram and all

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 06:53:23PM +0100, Wolfram Quester wrote:
> Hi altogether!
> [...snip...]
> > > I'm not really in favor of this ITP, as it mainly seems as a
> > > wring reaction to the latex extension not working properly.
> > 
> > Many thanks for your reaction on this! Indeed yes, you are right, it
> > was a porbably to fast reaction. I will so the sponsoring request on
> > mentors.debian.net again.
> > 
> > First, before I also answer to your other paragraphs: do you think,
> > there is a "change" that the patch found in launchpad bugtracker (See
> > Bugreport #506285) can go into the inkscape package? This will render
> > back again the LaTeX formula rendering for 0.46 again. It would be
> > really great to have this working again, "out of the box".
> Yes, this patch will be part of the next upload of the inkscape package :-)
> [...snip...]
> With best wishes,

Since the d-i RC2 seems to come nearer, see
would it be possible to apply the patch and upload inkscpe with this
"small" change also into lenny asap? In some sense "push" at least this
functionality back again?

Can I help on this? (Cc'ing Charles Plessy which did a part of the NMU
for 0.46-2.lenny1). 

I'm not a Debian Developer nor a Debian Maintainer yet, so I think I
cannot myself propose a NMU. (and then a unblock request to the
release managers).

If you agree, I would prepare a package inkscape_0.46-2.lenny2
applying the 05_fix_latex_patch.dpatch, and if you agree also one for
unstable (0.46-3.1) as NMU.

Kind regards
Salvatore Bonaccorso
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