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Bug#407652: ITA: html2ps -- HTML to PostScript converter

Hi Steaphan!

> I wish to, yes, but I am not a DD, so I would need a sponsor. 

No problem, and of course you do not need to be a DD, but you're right
about a sponsor. The good news is that Daniel Bauman, a DD, offered to
sponsor this package, he mentioned that when he orphaned the package:

So if you want to, go ahead and create a package for html2ps, but if you do
not want to, let me know and I will package it.

> If you
> are a DD, then you would probably be a better choice, since you would
> also need someone to sponsor your work.

> Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:
>> Hello Steaphan!
>> Do you still intend to adopt html2ps? If not I am happy to do it. I
>> maintain a number of packages in debian already with the debian-perl
>> as well as the swedish dictionary package.

Warm regards,


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