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Bug#492696: Adding Padre to Debian

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 10:47 AM, Damyan Ivanov <dmn@debian.org> wrote:
> -=| Gabor Szabo, Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 02:56:48PM +0200 |=-

>> version 0.14 of Padre has been released to CPAN.
>> I'd appreciate if you could add it to Debian.
> Still a lot to go as File::ShareDir 1.00 is not yet available
> (htp://bugs.debian.org/496478).

Oh so Debian has its own problem of maintainers disappear and
don't hand over they stuff. How familiar is that :-)

> I have a couple of other comments:
> * most important: copyrights
>  Most of the modules lack any author/copyright/license information in
>  them.
>  I *assume* they are all (c) 2008 Gabor Szabo and can be dstributed
>  under the same terms as Perl. I can't upload it with such
>  assumptions, though.
>  Would you consider adding the same (or similar) boilerplate as found
>  in lib/Padre/PluginBuilder.pm to all files?

No problem.  Will be in 0.15

> * dependencies
>  META.yml states a dependency on Wx::Perl::Dialog. However, I failed
>  to find any reference to that module in the padre distribution.
>  File/Open and Edit/Find dialogs appear ok (i.e. no crash). Perhaps
>  the dependency can be removed?

Wow, you really did look into that code!
That was my plan for world domination to get all kinds of modules into
Debian by prereqing them in Padre but my cover was blown now :-)

I'll either remove it or make use of it soon.

>  App::Ack 1.86 is stated as required. Is there a reason 1.80 (latest
>  available in Debian, http://bugs.debian.org/504071) won't do?

I don't know but isn't progress good ? Any reason not to upgrade ack?

> I must say that I am very pleased with the progress Padre is doing.
> Having a Perl-powered editor sounds yummy!

thank you


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