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Bug#335916: Removing netmon-applet

Le vendredi 08 août 2008 à 15:43 -0300, Frank Lichtenheld a écrit :
> netmon-applet has been orphaned for a very long time now and I am evaluating
> whether a request for removal should be finally filed.
> You are receiving this mail because:
>  - your name showed up somewhere in the history of the package
>  - I think that you might be interested for some reason
>  - or you maintain a related/similar package
> Are you interested in adopting this package? Do you know potential adopters?
> If so, please could you forward them this mail, Ccing the BTS and me?
> If there is no action from anyone, I'll request the removal of this package
> from Debian after a month.

I’d recommend to drop this package. We already have netspeed which is
decently maintained upstream and in Debian, plus netstatus. I don’t
think we need three applets doing almost exactly the same thing.

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