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Bug#381263: RFP: gyachi

I am reopening this RFP for gyachi. I am interested in having a package of 
this software, mainly due to it's support for video chat. There aren't many 
cross platform video chat solutions with video chat and gyachi provides the 
linux part (supposedly).

I think any propriatary codecs/sounds/etc can be removed and any dependence 
on them could be replaced (or fulfilled from debian-multimedia.org when 
talking to clients that must use them). I suspect the wine thing is just 
for that particular feature?

The most recent upstream release was 1.1 in November 2007, but upstream 
development continues (they are up to 1.1.48 or something) and they even 
have deb packages (I don't know quality of them, I haven't tried them).

I would like to see this packaged so I can use it. I don't think I have 
time to do it myself right away so hopefully someone beats me to it. If so 
I will be willing to test.


Matt Taggart

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